Thursday, 30 July 2009

St Bride's Episcopal Church, Glasgow

Recently, I participated in a charity fund-raiser at this church. I took the opportunity (although I did not have a tripod) to take some pictures in the evening sun.

The photo below is of the window depicting the birth and early days of Christ.

This picture is of the west window depicting the wedding at Cana. This colour scheme really shines out in the evening sun. There are some interesting elements in the tracery that I will come back to.

This is another of the North side windows. This one concerns the procession to the cross.

And this image also from the north range of windows is of the Crucifixion.

From a Scottish point of view, these are interesting windows because they were executed by an English firm, rather than a Scottish firm as the Church of Scotland church windows were. There were plenty of Scottish firms available, but the Church at that time looked mainly to England in very many respects.

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