Thursday, 18 August 2011

St. Modan's Church

Although St Modan's is a relatively small church, it has a wealth of significant window makers from the late 19th century into the latter half of the 20th century.

The oldest window in the church and originally was in the East Window of the Chancel. It was designed by A Maitland and installed in 1862.

Maitland, 1862

Other windows include the Edinburgh company of Clayton and Bell who put two windows into the church. The first was installed in 1973 in the West window.

Clayton and Bell, 1873

This small window has the memorial date of 1888, but was installed later that that.

Clayton and Bell, after 1888

There are two Douglas Strachan windows of 1908 and 1915 in the South transept.

Strachan, 1908

Strachan, 1915

The window in the Chancel is by Stephen Adam & Son, installed in 1921. This is strange to me, as I thought the partnership between father and son had been dissolved before WWI.

Stephen Adam and Son, 1921

In the chapel there is a window by CE Stewart installed in 1955.

C E Stewart, 1955

In a small window to the right of the Chancel is a small lancet window by Crear McCartney, installed in 1996.
McCartney, 1996

There also is a set of windows by Gordon Webster installed in 1976 which I was unable to photograph as it was covered in scaffolding due to roof repairs. This, of course, forms an excuse to attend the church again.

This provides a taste of the windows, I will show pictures of each of the windows in turn.

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