Tuesday, 13 September 2011

St. Modan's Church

The first set of Strachan windows are known as the R H Storey Memorial Window. The Rev Story was minister here before leaving for a Glasgow University professorship and then became the Principal of Glasgow University. These have the twin themes of cleaning the temple of the money changers and of teaching in their former place, and were installed in 1908.

At the head of the scourging of the temple, is this fine representation of "zeal". It presents a peaceful counterpoint to the scene below.

The calm face of the person joins with the dove to present a sense of peace.

Below the tracery the violence of the cleansing of the temple goes on.

Some seem to be relatively calm about the disturbance.

Others seem to be oblivious to the disturbance.

The stern features of Jesus wielding the branches to drive people from the temple are evident.

More people look on in some concern about what Jesus is doing.

But only one person seems really frightened of the actions.

This is a window with a lot of action and movement. It has a strong composition with a significant amount of tension.

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