Friday, 28 October 2011

Domestic 1920's Glass

I recently went out to give an estimate on refurbishing windows in a 1920's house in Stirling

The glass is in generally good condition. There are a few breaks and many of the tie wires have come away from the lead.

Central Bow Window Detail

Side of Bow Window

Hopper Window

On the other side of the ground floor is a sitting room with a flat front that has a group of four windows. Two of these are hoppers. Both are bowed from the closing action and do not have any glazing bar to support the glass while closing.

The upstairs windows are of slightly different proportions to those downstairs.

The bathroom window which faces the street is odd in that it has only one leaded paned for privacy. Have the other two been lost?

In a dark corner of the back downstairs hall is a window of completely different style. It seems the arts deco (or "modernism" as it was known at the time) tendencies of the designer were allowed to be expressed. This one is to be removed and placed elsewhere due to extending the house to the back.

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