Monday, 3 October 2011

St. Modan's Church

All across the bottom of the windows is another slightly more modern - medieval - narrative. The narrative starts at the left and proceeds to the right, rather than echoing the central, right, left cycle of the upper part of the window.

In the first panel the young knight takes leave of his mother.

In the middle panel the knight is prepared for battle by angels while below an angel plays the lute.

Both the knight and the attendants appear to be calm and without anxiety about the coming battle.

The final scene is said to depict one soldier kneeling by his dying colleague while the angel appears offering the crown of life.

Below this an angle blows a trumpet in echo of the angel diagonally opposite trumpeting the ascension of Christ.

This figure is one of a number of finely drawn angels and lambs separating the panels re-emphasising the sacrifice of the lambs and the resurrection to eternal life.

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