Tuesday, 18 October 2011

St John's Church, Largs

The large windows on the North side of the nave depict the patriarchs. They seem to have been dedicated to persons who died in the late 1870's and into the 1890's. I do not know the makers, but I may have a chance some time later to look into this.

Moses with the commandments is the oldest figure represented

Isaiah is the second oldest figure represented.

The last figure on the North side is John the Baptist

On the South, shadowed by other parts of the building, is the image of St Paul

There are a few more windows in the main body of the church. Under the gallery there is a window dedicated to Archibald Grahame. The subject is the lamb of God done in an aesthetic style but looking back at the 16th century.

In the gallery there are two round windows opposite each other, both of which are dedicated to Robert Brown. The North facing one has the text "He being made perfect in a short time, fulfilled a long time"

The companion on the South side has the dedication.

All these windows seem to have been completed before the influence of the Arts Noveau arrived. This would date them to the 1880's given the dedication dates.

However, the church did not stop with these windows. There are more at the entrance and in an alcove. They will be shown in a later blog entry.

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